Platinum Lending LTD. is a customer focused lending company offering secured online loans. Our goal is to help people, regardless of their credit score, get access to the money that they need.

As a web based company, we are able to provide the most efficient lending process available. This allows our customers to get the money that they need extremely quickly and hassle free.


Customer Service

While many title loan lenders will leave their customers hanging, Platinum Lending is different. Our practice is to put our customers first. With top notch title loan representatives, we are able to work with each individual to develop a high quality lending solution that meets and exceeds their every need.


  • Fast Cash
  • Bad Credit Approved
  • No Hassles

Honest Lending Practices

At Platinum Lending, the staff works directly with the customer to identify their needs. Loans are given based on the borrower’s ability to pay and the value of their vehicle. We review current income in order to better assess the situation so that the client leaves feeling a sense of pride in having received a loan and his/her ability to pay it back. The representatives at Platinum Lending are hired not only for their title loan experience and knowledge, but for their ability to assist our customers in understanding the importance of borrowing within their means

Finding the Best Title Loan for You

Platinum Lending LTD. works for you. We offer people the opportunity to get a loan when other options are not available. We pride ourselves on giving our customers the opportunity to rest easy, knowing that they have access to emergency funds on a moments notice.


All people are equal before the law. A good attorney.



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