Title Loans in Arizona

Car title loans in Arizona can provide you with up to $10,000 in cash with a title loan, or up to $1,500 with a vehicle registration loan. With a title loan you are eligible as long as you own a vehicle that doesn’t have any liens. With a registration loan you are eligible even if your vehicle is not paid off. Our online application can match you with your nearest lender for both of these loans. Whether you own a motorcycle or car we will give you cash!

Our lenders will always provide you with competitive interest rates and in Arizona the APR descends as you make your payments by law. Applying is simple, we just need to know the vehicle make, model, year, and mileage, with this information we can provide you with an estimate upon submission of the application. We have over ten years of experience in providing our title loan lender matching services and can set you up for the emergency money you need faster than anyone else. There are absolutely no obligations when you submit an application with us, so don’t hesitate to find out how much cash you’re eligible for with the title of your car.

Once you complete the application and receive your car title loan estimate, a title loan representative will contact you to answer any questions you have and provide you with the next steps in getting your cash. Estimates are also based on the current condition of your vehicle, you will be required to bring your car for a quick inspection at the title loan location.

Necessary Documents & Information for Title Loans in Arizona

You will need to know the VIN number of your car when completing your forms, the VIN number can be found above the driver side dash or the driver side door.

To speed up the process it’s important to have on hand the following documents that will be necessary to provide to your matched lender:

  • Proof of income (recent pay stubs or bank statements)
  • Driver’s License or government issued photo ID
  • Original title of your vehicle
  • You must be 18 years or older to be eligible when applying for a registration loan or title loan.

How Title Loans in Work in Arizona

Once you have gathered the necessary documents you can receive your check during the business hours of your matched lender. You will have to fill out a few forms and have pictures of your car taken. The attending loan representative will go over the conditions of your contract and explain your monthly payments and the different ways you can make them. Shortly after you will receive your check which can be cashed at your nearest bank or cash checking station.

How to Obtain Your Vehicle Title in Arizona

Your vehicle title is required when receiving a title loan. If you have lost the title of your vehicle don’t worry, your local DMV can provide you with a duplicate. You will have to locate your local MVD any apply for the duplicate copy by completing form 96-0236. Once you complete the form you can mail it or drop it off in person.

Debt Relief in Arizona

If you fall behind on your payments there are services in Arizona that can help you. Contact your lender as soon as you can about late payments and they may be able to restructure your payments or consolidate them. You can also reach out to credit counselors in Arizona to steer you in the right direction:

Take Charge America
Credit Absolute
Money Management International
Credit World Financial Services
GreenPath Financial Wellness

Refinance Your Title Loan in Arizona

If you already have a title loan on your vehicle and are looking to refinance, contact us immediately. We have multiple local lenders who are willing to consolidate your current loan. You may be able to save yourself thousands of dollars depending on your current situation. If a lender is willing to refinance the loan you can negotiate a lower interest rate with them, and some lenders can provide you with more time to make your payments. This way you can get back on your feet and be able to make your payments on time. You can complete the application or call us by phone and our loan representative will get you in contact with a lender that will be glad to refinance your current title loan. Don’t suffer with the terms of your current lender, your car is a valuable asset and you cannot afford to have it repossessed.


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