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Best Vacation Spots for Couples

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Find the Best Vacation Spots for Couples on a Budget

couples vacation

Vacationing as a couple can be a wonderful experience. Unfortunately, however, when you are on a tight budget, that “dream experience” can easily turn into a nightmare if you don’t plan your vacation carefully.

Being a little tight on cash does not necessarily mean that you cannot enjoy a wonderful, romantic getaway. It does mean, however, that you may need to be a little more careful, thoughtful, creative, and open-minded about planning that dream getaway.

Fortunately, you’ve got us on your side, and we’ve provided a list of some of the very best romantic getaway spots and ideas for couples who are trying to enjoy a little romance without breaking the bank.

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park is a historic place, and, surprisingly, it is also a place that can be visited for a relatively low cost. In fact, couples can pay their entry fee once and then use and enjoy the park for a full week if they wish.

The park features lots of tucked away, private spots that are perfect for a romantic picnic or just some alone time spent talking and enjoying each other’s company. There are also some iconic sites to take in, such as Old Faithful and the Mammoth Hot Springs.

Whether couples want to hike, sleep under the stars, or just explore, all of that is available for an affordable price at Yellowstone National Park.

Some Beach, Somewhere

Another cheap destination is the beach…any beach. Beaches generally do not charge admission. At worst, you’d simply have to pay for parking. So, find your closest beach and plan a fun getaway. If you go in the off-season, such as winter or early spring, you can typically find great deals on hotels and more. The water might be too chilly to swim in, but you’ll still have a gorgeous view of the ocean and sand between your toes.

The beach is a wonderfully relaxing spot for couples who have a lot of stress in their lives and who just want to get away from it all. Spending beach time together is a great and affordable way to rekindle the romance and feel close together once again.

New York City in the Winter

There is no place quite as magical as New York City in the wintertime. Unfortunately, most tourists never get to see the winter version of the Big Apple because they stay away, fearing frigid temperatures and snow.

What these travelers are missing out on, however, are incredibly low hotel rates! Thus, if you want a romantic winter getaway, New York is a great choice. You can get affordable lodging in a great location when it’s cold in the city, and, of course, there’s still plenty to do, like take a romantic carriage ride through Central Park, all bundled up together.

Just make sure that, when planning your trip, you avoid winter dates close to Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year’s Eve, when this rule doesn’t apply and when hotel rates and other costs shoot up sky-high.

Take a Low-Cost Cruise

You might think cruises are only for the very rich and very well-off. In truth, though, cruises can be quite affordable if you book through an online dealer that specializes in low rates. In fact, you can often find cruises for only a little over $100 per day per person.

As is the case with most  of these vacation options, you’ll fare better, price-wise, if you book your cruise during the off-season, but don’t worry. Most cruise locations are warm year round so you can still have a great time with your sweetie.

Negril, Jamaica

If you and your honey want to go somewhere truly exotic, then consider Jamaica. Your immediate reaction might be that it’s out of your price range, but, believe it or not, Jamaica can actually be quite affordable.

In fact, one of the cheapest Jamaica locations you’ll find is Negril, which features a seven mile beach and lovely, scenic cliffs. Because it’s close to tourist destinations but not right in the heart of things, the costs of hotels, entertainment, and dining are low. Plus, you’ll get the REAL experience since you’ll be mingling with true locals. And, even better yet, the area is quiet and calming, making it the perfect spot to get romantic with your partner.

The only thing you’ll have to really spend money on is the airfare, but if you book online and search for deals, you can probably reach your destination pretty affordably.


Another vacation destination that can be surprisingly affordable is Hawaii. It can take some searching to find a cheap hotel, but once you do, you’re all set. As long as you stay away from the major tourist spots, you can eat, play, and have a blast in Hawaii all without spending a fortune.

Travel Tips

As you can see, it’s not hard to enjoy a romantic getaway for two on the cheap. The key is really just to plan ahead. The sooner you buy tickets and make reservations, the cheaper they tend to be.

In addition to planning ahead, you will want to take advantage of any available resources. Make use of discount booking sites, and compare deals before you make any decisions.

Also, even though your vacation will be on the affordable side, it certainly doesn’t hurt to save up a little money in preparation for your big break. You want to be able to buy things you want and enjoy experiences without constantly being worried about money. Thus, whether you just curb your spending in the months leading up to your vacation or even take out a small loan, you’ll be able to enjoy your trip with your special someone even more.

The more effort that you put into planning your trip, the better it will be and the more likely it is you will be able to book the exact vacation you want, so with these tips and ideas in mind, why not go ahead and get started?

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