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The state of California is known for its Hollywood and celebrity affiliation. It is one of the most populous areas of the United States with a large number of residents with different cultures and languages. In addition to air pollution problems, California also has residents with huge financial crisis. Because of the heavy population in California, it may be possible that you are unable to find a job at the moment and find yourself in a financial rut. If you live in the state of California and you may have lost your job, relocated and in between jobs, and have insurmountable bills and don’t know how you are going to pay them, then California title loans also called pink slip loans may be the ideal solution.

Pink Slip Loans, Providing a Solution

To solve your financial troubles, you can obtain a loan from a California lender that cares about your welfare.  Your loan will be processed in-house by one of our trained and professional representatives. For that reason, your loan will processed quickly. We don’t let you wait too long to hear whether you have been approved or not. It could take between 30 minutes to 24 hours to get the good news – “You’ve Got Funds!” Yes, the funds will be directly deposited into your bank account. So, you don’t to join any long lines to collect a check. Just like your social security benefits are sent directly to you at certain times of the month, it is the same way our process is smooth, direct and predictable.

Bad Credit is Not a Problem

Let’s clear the air. Yes, we realize that you may not have the best credit. You are not alone. Many Californians are plagued with credit problems as they are with financial issues. So, we have eliminated or not included credit as a requirement for a California bad credit title loan. Taking credit out of the equation has allowed us to make the loan process faster, easier and simpler. So, this is one obstacle that you have already overcome when it comes to California title loans. You don’t have to worry about your credit. In fact, we want you to contact us today so we can start reviewing your application, but first you need to complete the application.

Making the Right Decision

The application process is simple with only a few fields to complete to get your title loan estimate. We don’t ask for a lot. Submit the application once completed and we will contact you quickly. Next, it is time for some paperwork. Don’t worry because it is not too much. Initially, all we need is:

  •       Copy of your driver’s license
  •       Proof of your income
  •       The title to your vehicle

Soon after, we may ask you to show us vehicle registration and insurance. You can gather those beforehand so as to have them ready. Your income is necessary to verify that you can pay us back. Your driver’s license will serve as your age identifier. You must be 18 years or older to apply for a California title loan. The title will be checked to make sure that there is no lien on the vehicle.

Other Title Loan Information

We will ask you to give us details about the vehicle, specifically:

  •       Make of vehicle
  •       Model of vehicle
  •       Year of vehicle

Now, why would we need information about your vehicle? We have to check for the value of the vehicle on the Kelley Blue Book website to ensure that we are giving you fair market value for your car. Once we determine the value, we will offer you a percentage of it as your loan amount. So this step is essential to the approval of your loan.

Contact Us For Help

So, now that you have realized the simplicity of applying for a California title loan, it is time to take the appropriate step, which is completing the application. We will guide you through the rest. Do it for your sanity and peace of mind. Your financial troubles could be gone in less than 24 hours so contact us today!


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