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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Title Loans?

Title loans are short-term, small money loans that help borrowers achieve a financial goal. Applicants must have a car title or a car nearly paid off with payment receipts in order to apply. For customers who might have been rejected by standard, bank loans or are not affiliated with a credit union, title loans are a perfect solution. Applicants should be advised that since title loans are short-term, small money loans they come with high interest rates.

Who can qualify for a title loan?

Because title loans do not require credit history checks, applicants who have a source of income and a clear car title, will qualify for a title loan. Even people who have bankruptcy on file are encouraged to apply. The only requirement for applicants is owning or having a vehicle.

Do I have to have a job to get a title loan?

Title loans are based on the value of the applicant’s vehicle and not on factors like credit history or current employment. However, it is advised that an applicant be employed or have another source of income in order to manage the payments in a timely and responsible manner. While lenders will revise the applicant’s employment status, this will not impede applicants from receiving the loan amount they need.

What’s the most I can borrow from an online title loan?

The standard price of a loan depends on the value of the car. The majority of title loans are equivalent to approximately 75% of the car’s equity. That being said, of course recent models will receive a more favorable loan than older ones and cars with less wear and tear will be given a higher estimate than those that have seen better days.

Can I continue to drive my vehicle?

Yes! Title loan borrowers can drive away the same day with cash in their pockets. Title loan lenders are aware that borrowers, in order to repay the loan, must have a vehicle. Throughout the duration of your loan, you can use your car like you normally would.

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