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Louisiana is nicknamed the “Pelican State.” With its colorful history, this southeastern state is known for being governed by varied flags, starting in 1541 – from the French to the English. The state has experienced many hard financial times such as the shattering of the Plantation economy during the Civil War and during the Katrina hurricane devastation. New Orleans is known for its annual Mardi Gras festival with visits from people from near and far. As the state attempts to regain its financial independence and strength, many residents are also battling with their financial situations, especially those in New Orleans, which is the major city in the state shared with Baton Rouge, another city close by.

Loan Amount

If you live in the state of Louisiana and still grappling with your finances, it is time to consider Louisiana title loan. Most lenders of title loans do more for you than those lenders offering payday loans, which probably amount to only $300. At Louisiana Title Loans, you will get a larger loan amount once title to your vehicle is free and clear. Using your vehicle as the collateral equates to more money because the lender offers a percentage of the value of the vehicle.

Financial Needs

Louisiana Title Loans are easy to obtain. If you need more than just $300 to fix your financial problems, a title loan is the best option. You can use it for:

  •       Home remodeling
  •       Emergency fund
  •       Loan consolidation
  •       Auto repair
  •       Travel
  •       Rebuild your credit

We do not ask you why you need money. That is your own personal affair. Our responsibility and focus is to ensure that you get the money in a timely manner and obtain the amount you need to meet your financial needs.

Consider a Title Loan

Why would you even want to consider Louisiana Title Loans? For one, you don’t have to worry about credit since this is not part of our requirements. We only base the loan on the value of your vehicle and income. For that reason, every Louisiana resident may qualify. You get to drive the vehicle even though you are still paying on the loan. We offer low APR and the average time of process could be as little as 30 minutes to 48 hours.

What You Should Know

A Louisiana Title Loan is risk free since we don’t impound your vehicle while you owe us money. As long as you are repaying your loan, you keep the vehicle so you can have it to commute. You can be confident when seeking financing from us because we understand what you may be going through financially. We will apply a percentage of the vehicle’s equity to your loan amount so you know how much money you will receive in your bank account. If you pay off the loan early, we do not charge any prepayment penalties.

Gather Documents

As you complete and submit your application, you should also be gathering certain documents, which would include:

  •       Clear title of vehicle with your name
  •       Steady source of continuous income
  •       Bank account number and routing number
  •       ID card
  •       Car registration
  •       Car insurance

Start the Process Now

All you have to do now is to complete our loan application to begin the confidential process. Once your application is received, we will speed up the process by reviewing the submitted information right away. We will contact you after to ask for the required documents so make sure you are prepared. Your loan could be approved in 24 hours or less. So don’t wait too long. It is time to take action and it is in your best interest to do so today – in fact right now!

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